Our Story

I was in beautiful Queenstown, New Zealand attending an accounting conference when I had one of those amazing light bulb moments – yes – an epiphany.

Opening Gates is the culmination of the experiences of Judy, the Founder, to start putting life first and business second.

Judy had allowed her very successful accounting business to take priority over her life.  She loved what she did, but her business dictated her life.

After an ‘Epiphany’ at an accounting conference in beautiful Queenstown, New Zealand Judy went into the “laboratory” and came out with a formulae.

She re-designed her business using the formulae so it was custom built around her life plan.  

Her sense of purpose returned, which ignited her passion.  Yet she did not sacrifice profit, or client and team care, innovation or reputation and community involvement.

She went back to basics.  She re-engineered the foundations of her business using a different point of reference – her life plan.

Work was no longer about how many hours were put in, but rather what was put in the hours.  She debunked “work/life balance” as a myth and instead focused on Intentional Imbalance.  As a result, her business was even more profitable as she was more focused, refreshed, and energetic.

For over 25 years Judy has worked with hundreds of business owners suffering exactly as she did: losing in life in order to win in business.

In fact this is the accepted norm, seen as part and parcel of being in business.  But it does not need to be so – our formulae works.

Judy is proof that a successful business and a successful life are not mutually exclusive and so are her my many clients who use this formulae.

Judy’s passion and purpose is to debunk the myth that you must lose in life to win in business.  Which is why Opening Gates was founded.

Opening Gates shows business owners how to “open their own gates”, to choose a different, a better way to live while owning and leading a really powerful business.

You can win in life and in business.

The new way forward is Opening Gates.

The Gates Analogy


At Opening Gates we look at how a client interacts with their business and how it impacts on their life.

Then with our unique formulae developed over 25 years, we provide the tools to win not only in business but also in life, achieving what they truly desire – whether it be more time at home, more leisure or less stress.

Although this turns traditional business strategising on its head, our results have shown business’ and their leaders to be more successful with our forumale.

There must be life plan – and there is a formulae and a process.

If you are currently working 24/7 and feel as though you are losing in life to win in business, or if you have achieved perfect balance and want to find out how to build an even more powerful business and win in life, then Opening Gates has the formulae for you.

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