I recently sent an article I had written to an editor friend and asked for his critique, feedback and thoughts from an editor’s perspective.  I was proud of this piece – it felt raw, insightful, honest, challenging, disturbing… it came from the heart.  Notwithstanding my pride – I still felt somewhat vulnerable about having this “opinion” of mine published – to be critiqued by readers… some would do so silently, others not so.

Anyway, my article came back to me beautifully edited – it was now safe, mundane, it certainly wouldn’t challenge the status quo of the reader or disturb a rather mainstream why of thinking.

As I read the edited version I got to thinking where else in my life am I choosing to be edited – to fit in with what others expect – to be mediocre rather than remarkable, to be palatable rather than refreshing, to be common place rather than unique.

What is the cost of this editing??  The cost is way too high – we dilute our potential, our uniqueness, and our vitality – and as a consequence de-value our worth.  This unedited worth is our contribution to the betterment of our world – we are short-changing ourselves and those we influence by choosing to be less than we are.

Why not rock the boat, why not think outside the square, why not ask “why not” and just do it. Thing is…  We’re often the most limiting editor of all as we self-edit constantly and without real awareness.  We are up against a fearsome combination of ego, intellect and beliefs.  Our ego doesn’t want us to look bad (or different), it doesn’t want us to fail, or be vulnerable – and likes to see us safely installed in our comfort zone.  Our intellect conducts its due diligence, its cost benefit analysis and will err on the side of conservatism.  And then there’s our beliefs some of which are no longer relevant or compatibility with our real selves.  And this is even before we consider the external influences of society, family, peers, religion and on and on it goes.

How are you being edited?  It is your choice to be original or not – you choose your editor!  Have you been self-editing for so long that you no longer recognize the original version of you?

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