SUCCESS – Means different things for different people – what’s your definition?

Do you want to be successful?  Yes?  So what does “being successful” mean, what does it look like, feel like?  And how will you know when you are there?

At our LIFE by DESIGN Retreats, we use proven tools and processes to help you build your own meaning of success – putting you firmly in control of your success journey.

Success is a big word – it carries with it many different connotations, which have been attached to it by society over time from one generation to the next.

Many people are striving for success without knowing exactly what success means to them.  Given society places considerable status on “being successful”, success often forms part of what we say we want out of life – we want to be successful!  This process of aiming for an undefined outcome – this nirvana called “success” – too often sucks the life force out of people, and causes them to focus on goals that are not congruent with their hopes and dreams.

When I am successful, then I will slow down.  When I am successful, then I will celebrate.  Whatever success is!


Let’s consider this scenario…

University students are sitting an exam.  Bob’s goal is to pass, Bill to gain a HD, and Bevan to get 100%.  Ann is ultra-competitive and wants to be the best in the class, to come first.  Mary hasn’t set any personal goals – she has studied right up to the last minute and this is just one subject of many.

The lecturer may have a different set of expectations for her students.  The students’ parents may have yet another. If the students achieve their individual goals they should be successful on their own terms, shouldn’t they?

If Bob passes the exam and that was his goal – then he has succeeded according to his criteria – and he should acknowledge and celebrate that.  His lecturer, however, may believe that Bob is capable of a HD and anything less could not be considered a successful outcome.

So who is right?

It depends from whose point of view, in whose shoes we are standing.  You are fighting a losing battle if you allow someone else to decide when you are or are not successful, to set the bar for you.

It is important to “own” your own definition, to be clear on why you have set this standard and then stand your ground.  Don’t be disempowered because someone else holds a different definition of success for you.

What about Mary – she also passes the exam.  She had no clear goal pre-exam – maybe just getting there was a win.  Or maybe Mary measures success on completion of the course and she doesn’t check in to assess success until then.

You are more likely to be influenced by someone else’s definition of success if you haven’t taken the time to create your own.  If you don’t know what success means to you, then how will you know when you have achieved it?

We contend that you are successful at the time when you choose to do the things you need to do to achieve the outcome you desire – the outcome is a result of your success – success is a journey.  There is no better time than NOW to start your journey of success.

Take the time to design your life and then do what it takes to enable your desired future to turn up – getting started is the first measure of success!

And, there is no better place to get started than at our LIFE by DESIGN Retreat.

Join us at our LIFE by DESIGN Retreat and become clear on what a life well lived looks like to you and a big part of that is understanding what success means for you.

Don’t delay – take this opportunity to design your life’s journey – take charge and lead your way.


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