If you are prepared to compromise a value because of a change of circumstance or an opportunity, then it cannot be an authentic value for you.  Values are non-negotiable.  They are not for competitive advantage.

You don’t see values – you see the behaviours that play out because of the values and beliefs held.

Values are deeply held and reflect the essence of you.  It is often easier to recognise a value which you don’t align with.  Generally, this is because you don’t “like” the behaviours that are being displayed.

Core values live in a world of black and white – there are no shades of grey.values

Last week we wrote about the Demise of the Lone Wolf Mentality, and how collaboration will be key to businesses going forward.  Understanding your values, and the values of others is important to consider when collaborating and building your tribe.  When you connect with others, individually or in a community or organisation, you will be aware of how easy (or not) it is to integrate and collaborate – this is an indication of the alignment with your values and that of the individual, community or organisation.  Having done the work to identify and understand your core values, enables you to better understand why you behave the way you do.  Knowing your core values helps you assess how well a particular environment or collaboration will suit you.

If your current behaviours are not enabling you to play your bigger game, then look at the values and beliefs that may be driving that behaviour.  Are you holding on to a value that no longer serves you? Have you adopted the values and beliefs of others – others who have a very different game to play?

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