Transform Your Life

With our suite of unique solutions designed for you

Want to live a vibrant life of your choosing and work?

Everyone, including business owners, CEO’s, homemakers, and careerists need to strike a balance that enables them to live a fulfilling life

Select from our workshops, coaching and mentoring programs – and then experience the transformation of your whole world for the better.


Life changing 2 day programs, designed especially for women.

Are you a woman who does too much?  Are you feeling burnt out? Do you want to know how to win at work without sacrificing your life?

Do you have a life plan?  Do you know what a life well lived would look like to you?

This program assesses where you are now, discovers what you truly want in life and how you will about making it happen.  It helps you focus, deal with change and handle any “blocks” that will no doubt arise.


The Mastering Momentum Programs are offered exclusively to those individuals who have completed a LIFE by DESIGN Program, and wish to leverage-off and harness their momentum post-program.

There are three Mastering Momentum Programs offered with varying levels of accountability – from going it alone, through to engaging the founder of Opening Gates, Judy Reynolds, to keep you accountable.

The 12 month Programs reinforce concepts covered at the LIFE by DESIGN Programs and introduce new insights to help you be even more effective.


Do you want to improve your leadership skills?

This program shows you what it takes to be the most effective leader possible, builds confidence to self-promote and improve decision-making. Fast-track your professional development right here.

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