Success Principles

Doing What it Takes (WIT) – Practical Success Principles

I have signed up for the Sunshine Coast Half Marathon and I am implementing these super success principles:

1.  Set goals and tell others about them – yes, I announce that I am doing this crazy thing!  And in so doing have created a high level of external accountability.  My ego will be sorely impacted if I don’t go through with it.

2.  Someone else has done what I am doing so I will follow their lead and learn from what they have done.  I have researched the must do’s and must not do’s.  If it is possible for you, it is possible for me, it is just a matter of how.

3.  If you want something badly enough – sometimes you have to sacrifice stuff.  Oh yes, that would be a sleep in, a fine wine, and pain!  Just do WIT and remember WHY!

4.  Create a plan and stick to it – yes I have a plan and have taken the best advice AND yes, I am sticking to it.

5.  Avoid temptations that may derail me – the first step here is to know what these temptations are so that I can be prepared to take them out before they do me in.  The biggest temptation for me is not to train when I travel – Oh the excuses come out then and I have had some serious conversations with myself!  Just do WIT!

6.  If the dream is big enough – the facts don’t count.  And neither do the opinions of the naysayers who seem to be able to accumulate masses of evidence as to why I shouldn’t put myself through this physical challenge.

So the proof will be in the pudding (what is the origin of that saying?) – the only organised run I have done was 8kms 2 years ago – so 21kms should be “interesting”.

These success principles will work for any challenge or goal you may set yourself in life and in business – very simple and very effective!


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