Being a Know-It-All puts a lid on your potential


It is so very liberating when you grow to know that there is so much you don’t know and you are prepared to admit it.  We are sure that the more you know, the more you know you don’t know and the more excited you will be about the future and what is possible for you.  If you make a habit of leaning in, being curious and open, your world will expand beyond your imagination.

Thinking that you know-it-all will limit your personal and business growth – simple as that.  Being afraid to say that you don’t will have the same impact.

If you think you know all there is to know about this subject, then you will most likely be about to leave this page – we get that.  The first step is to admit to yourself that there is stuff you don’t know and things you don’t do.  And that is perfectly ok.  The next step is to share it – not just for the sake of sharing but because the person you are sharing with is wise and respectful.  Yes, sharing requires a degree of vulnerability and a whole swag of truth – and it will reap rewards.

Are you prepared to say:

I didn’t know that – thank you

I don’t do that, I should and I will – thank you

I knew it but I don’t do it – thank you

I do it but not consistently, not always – thank you

This honesty, this acknowledgment opens the door to insights that will change your world.  It gives your wise ones permission to share even more valuable stuff.

When you say, “I knew that”, or “I do that” (and it’s not really true) – you are effectively shutting down the value share that may come your way – and it might include that one piece of advice that will make all the difference.  While you’re thinking that you know-it-all, you will not be listening with the intention necessary to “hear” that gem when it comes.

Often the more obvious insights come first and for those who wait with interest, the best value comes later.

So rather than shutting the conversation down, encourage even more sharing by adding – Can you tell me more?  What else do you know?

We see this limiting mindset often – and often the perpetrator will be caught out.  If you knew that, and if you do that consistently and well, then we would expect to see different outcomes, different numbers??  Can you explain that?

Mmm…  Now that is not a good look!

Stay inquisitive, listen with intention, be humble (not to be confused with small), and don’t kid yourself – see it as it actually is, not as you would want others to see it.

Practice the art of open, intentional listening – pick someone wise and have a conversation about a challenge you have in business or in life.  Ask questions, encourage sharing and keep and ear out for the gem!


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