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Judy Reynolds, one year ago you changed my life so dramatically, gave me direction, helped me understand the value of being “Me”, shared things that gave me goosebumps, brought me to tears but most importantly, gave me a Vision of my future, something I have never known before. I read these affirmations and always think of you, you gave me a gift I can never say enough thanks for but please know I am truly grateful for your guidance and honestly Judy I can’t wait to begin the next chapter but for now I’m enjoying this enabler that has had many lessons also!

C. Wharerau

I’ve learned a lot during the past two days. Some of which I knew of, but didn’t have the tools to apply to my life. I truly believe that I took value from every section of the workshop

C. Smith, Manager

Incredible life changing content. Immense value – information which will impact on all areas of my life

A. Larose, Business Owner

BUSINESS by DESIGN opened my eyes to where I am in life with the balance too far towards business

S. Bassett, Business Owner

Excellent – energised and enthusiastic – Knowledgeable and speaking from experience which goes a long way

M. Morgan, Lawyer

The Program really got me thinking. It helped me work out my weak spots and where I need to take action

S. Papas, Lawyer

I have never received such powerful information. It blew my mind. Incredibly inspiring

C. Wharerau, Participant

This experience has made me realised that I do have the power and ability to be anything I want to be, to change my thought process and live the life I want.

L. McAdam, Participant

Absolute genius in structure, organisation and execution

C. Coutts, Business Owner

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