In this fast paced business environment the lone wolf mentality does not cut it.  You must be prepared to collaborate in order to expand your intellectual and relationship capital.  You must recruit people who have what you need and engage in lifetime learning to fill the gaps.  Otherwise growth will be severely stymied.

Take advantage of synergetic relationships which will accelerate and extend you beyond what you could do on your own.

A tribe is an effective way to embrace the power of collaboration.  More heads are better than one, but only if they are the right heads – so choose wisely.

Select people who will lift, support, challenge and expand you and your business or career.  Choose your tribe based on the vision you have for you or your business.  Who has already done what you’re planning to do, who knows people you need to know, who has the contacts, the business acumen and supply channels, who knows your market?

Go ahead, ditch the lone wolf mentality and build your tribe.  You may not have all of the names right now.   If you don’t, identify the skill sets you need and then be alert for that person.

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