Check Your State


If you want to squeeze the most out of every day – to get the very best ROI (return on investment) for your time, then you must maintain a high state of energy and engagement.

How’s your state right now?  How are you engaging with the world and all it has to offer?  Are you giving it your best shot?  Rate yourself:

Abysmal                                                                                                                            Awesome

1               2                 3               4               5               6               7               8               9               10


Any changes needed?

The Check Your State process below works wonders at ensuring you get the best ROI for your time.

Let’s get intentional.

First up in the morning – go through this process to Check Your State, step by step.

Intention, Language, Physiology with numbers graphic


Set your intentions for you for the day, first thing, upfront.  Reflect on the vision you have for yourself, remember WHY you are on this earth for this time.  This provides the context for what you do – it brings meaning to your actions.

Now decide what you intend to achieve today.

Who will you need to BE in order to achieve what it is you want to achieve

Perhaps your intentions are to revise what you heard at the conference, to leverage further off the conference content via these messages, and to implement even more powerfully.


Watch your language.  Language is supremely powerful and will impact thoughts and behaviours.  It can do you in.  Remember language includes internal dialogue as well.  Some of the most important conversations you will have are those you have with yourself.

For example:  Your internal dialogue might go something like this – “Not another email!” or “I’ve heard all of this before” or “It doesn’t apply to me.”

The thing is, your environment is in a constant state of flux and if you are growing, then each day your point of view will change.  You will see things differently.  So, how you process and relate to what you have read or heard previously will be different today.  There must be a constant review of what you do, a re-assessment and a new application – this is continued improvement.  Always ask – “If I know it, do I do it – am I implementing this is the most powerful way?”


Make sure that your physiology reflects your intention for you.  Again your thoughts will be influenced by how you hold yourself.  If body language or your posture suggests that you are disinterested or unfocused – disinterested and unfocused you will be – and that will not serve you.



Work your way through these steps with your business (or work) in mind and for 3 different timeframes – 1 year, 3 years and 6 years.

Step 1:  What are your intentions for your business or work over the next 12 months?  Over the next 3 years and then 5 years?

Step 2:  How will you need to BE to enable this intention to play out?   What internal dialogue would do you in?

Step 3:  How will you present physically?

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