Simply get started on your Strategy AND follow through TO reap the rewards…


We are currently in the process of facilitating annual strategy days and making plans for the new financial year.  There is lots of excitement and anticipation around what is possible this coming year.  And there was last year too.  But according to many business owners, that was then… and almost immediately the day to day “stuff” sapped this energy as reality struck…and they wondered what on earth they had been thinking?  The plan and the strategies seemed overwhelming… too overwhelming to even get started.  When there is more time… we will allocate the resources and energy.  And the momentum rolls to a halt.

Sound familiar?  In a state of busyness, we rarely see these plans or strategies as a series of small, achievable tasks, which if accomplished one at a time will see those big goals actually realised.

Every strategy should include:

1.  The OBJECTIVE – what is it you want to achieve – what is the outcome?

2.  The WHY – what value will this strategy add to your business, to you and your team?

3.  The CHUNKS – chunk the project down into at least 3 parts

4.  The FIRST STEP – what is the first step that needs to be taken?

5.  The WHO – who is responsible for making this happen?

6.  The BLOCKS – what might get in the way of this strategy being implemented?

After a few months when the memory wanes it can become less clear as to what value the action will add and therefore much easier to let it fall by the wayside.  By including the WHY, you remind yourself why it is important to remain motivated to implement this strategy.

The CHUNKS – most projects can be broken down into 3 parts and research indicates that we, as human beings, are able to deal with 3 tasks or actions without feeling overwhelmed.

Then be clear on the FIRST STEP – what is the first step required to get this show on the road. And WHO is responsible for making this happen?  Often this is all it takes to gain momentum.

The BLOCKS is a pre-emptive measure – think about what challenges may be faced as you implement this strategy?  Including the BLOCKS serves as a reminder that, yes, this was anticipated and no, it does not mean the project should be delayed – there are solutions.

The best time to consider these 6 factors is on your Strategy or Planning day – this is when you are most clear on the value this strategy or project will add to your business. You are more likely to find innovative ways to deal with potential challenges or blocks.

Remember the formulae > Decisions x Actions = Results.  You can decide to implement any number of innovative projects at your strategy days.  However, if you take no action, then you will not enjoy the results.  If you take too long to get started, the value will be eroded.

The power of an idea is in its implementation.  So invest valuable time up front to provide the impetus to get started straight away and to follow through!


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