Traditionally, what business owners are looking for from their consultants, coaches, mentors – is how to increase sales, increase profit, improve cashflow, build and protect business value, and to exit out of the business.  All very important.

(Question:  Could you be building an even bigger business which is even more misaligned with your life plan?)

After working with business owners for over 25 years what I have found is that you can have strategies to do all of these things (and a growing business needs them) – but if these strategies are to be implemented in the most powerful way then we also need a big dose of passion – yes, passion for our business.  And this passion index is driven by purpose – your purpose in life, your WHY – that which drives your life plan.

So we start with the WHY – get excited about the life plan – feel the joy of anticipating or knowing that the life you aspire to can and will turn up – the passion index is through the roof and now we can build a business which is fit for purpose – your purpose.

With purpose comes new passion – passion & purpose make a powerful combination

I know, I live by this adage every day.

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