Winning in every meeting with a prospect is a great goal – and how would it make you feel – pretty successful right!  This level of success generates high energy and the compounding effect is rippled through future meetings.  And this is why we say that success breeds success.

So how do you do it?  How do you become a 100%er?

The answer > Don’t limit your definition of a win to making a sale! 

Yes, a sale is a win, absolutely! But it is only one of any number of possibilities.  A win is also:

These are all wins and there will be others – there will, in fact, be a win in every meeting.  Reflect and identify what you have learned, how you have progressed your position with the prospect, or how you have promoted your business.

And then, work out how you will leverage off this “win” going forward.  Remember to know and not to do, is not to know.  Without leverage, the “win” loses its value and can no longer be considered a win.

So you can be a 100%er – you just have to take your narrow vision glasses off for a moment.  Remember what you focus on you will see more of – so when you start identifying the wins, the more obscure (and sometimes more valuable) wins will become even more apparent.

The power of the 100%er mindset is in the confidence it builds and the subsequent belief in self that ensues.  From another perspective, if your only definition of a win is to make a sale – every meeting that does not result in a sale is treated as a loss – this can have a devastating compounding effect on the energy and mindset of the “sales person”, particularly for someone new to the role.

This strategy is particularly effective for new sales people, however it must be companioned with these important qualifications:

So, go forth, enjoy the wins, enjoy how winning makes you feel and make sure that you leverage off the compounding energetic effect in a way that breeds even more wins.

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