The power of intentional words – they focus the mind!

The first quarter of the year has passed – can you believe it!  How focused have you been so far?

Each year at Opening Gates, we recommend our clients choose a word, words, or a phrase which will be their theme or focus for the year – it is a mindset which we identify will take our client’s business’ to the next level.  These words act as triggers to remind them to focus and be alert.

We loved one client’s theme so much that we just had to share it with you – for the sake of anonymity, we’ll call them ABC Pty Ltd.

Their theme came as a consequence of reflection and answering The 10 Questions (see our blog) and considering what might block their ability to grow in line with their audacious goals.

ABC Pty Ltd believe in leveraging on strengths and contracting others to fill the weaknesses – and that is how they build their team.

So their theme for 2015 is leverage and follow through.

ABC Pty Ltd have realised that now is the time to truly leverage off their innovations, their systems, their IP, their people, their alliances, their media, branding and marketing.  They will always ask the questions:

  1. How can we leverage off that? 
  2. What must we do to increase our return on investment? 
  3. How else can we use this, what other application is there?

As an example, ABC Pty Ltd have identified something as simple as a blog – they can publish it on their website, broadcast through their social media, send it to their media partners, promote it as a guest blog, use it as the next chapter in an e-book, re-design it as a handout and so on.

Any innovation, any strength, any investment has the potential to be worth so much more than it’s primary purpose.

ABC Pty Ltd have identified that hand in hand with leverage is follow through.  How do they ensure that no opportunity falls through the gaps of complacency?  How do they ensure that they do more than they say they will do before they say they will do it?  (Yes, ABC Pty Ltd have upgraded from “How do we ensure that we always do what we say we are going to do when we say we will do it”)

How about you?  What would your theme be?  What words would help you focus on those activities or values which will be integral to the advancement of your business in 2015?

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