Do you keep a journal?

Robin Sharma, the author of “The Leader who had no Title” recommends that in order to maximise daily effectiveness we should write in our journal every morning – as an entree to the day.

I have been journaling for years and I totally agree.  It is a great way to position your mindset, to reinforce your focus, to encourage anticipation for what is possible for you and to establish an acute respect for the value of time.

This is what I include in my daily scribes…

1.  Wins.  I record my wins from the day before.  This places my focus squarely on the positive and reminds me to celebrate my progress, my successes (and often this includes the wins of others I care about).

2.  Insights.  I write down my insights and how these learnings will add value to me and those I connect with.  Writing increases the stickiness of the learning and I often go back to these sections to check that I continue to implement these insights – to leverage off the knowledge.

3.  Gratitude.  Each day I record that which I am thankful for – this is an opportunity to connect to my heart – to place my ego squarely in my back pocket.

4.  Worries.  If your mind is full of worries there is no room for creative thought.  So, I write down those worries, concerns, disempowering beliefs which are blocking my entrepreneurial thinking.  I ask myself if I am 100% sure that these worries, concerns & disempowering beliefs are valid – if not (and that is always the case), then I cross them off and leave them in the book and out of my psyche.

5.  Moments.  Record those special moments, what you did, where you were, who you helped, what you observed.

6.  BE, DO, HAVE.  And finally I write down who I am going to be and what I am going to do in order to have an amazing day… a day in which I am on purpose, perfectly aligned to why I do what I do.

 My journal travels with me and I open it before I look at my phone, facebook or check my emails – it is like having the first conversation of the morning with yourself – a conversation which isn’t tainted or effected by others.

And then with the right mindset, with reinforced focus, I am ready to open the window and let the world in.  Bring it on!

So start your journaling today!

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