We believe you have everything you need to play your bigger game!  We work with people every day helping them to transform their thinking and vision, to breakthrough their comfort zones, to live their potential daily.

So, what is your bigger game?  What is your vision for you?  Are you in the game or watching from the sidelines?

The reason so many people choose a vision that is less than their potential, is that they ask the wrong question.  Yes, it is as simple as that!

When asked to visualise a future, which is significantly different to where you currently are – don’t ask how.  It is too soon in the process.  When you have no idea how to achieve this amazing vision, you will initially think it is impossible for you – you will see it as unbelievable.  In any case, if you did know how to bring your vision to reality, you would or could have already done it!

When you are suffering from “impossibility thinking”, this is when you ask ‘What if?” – what would be different for you, your loved ones, your friends, your team members, your customers, your community, if you achieved this outcome?  How would your journey change for the better?  As you answer these questions you begin to move from impossible to imagining the possibilities – a big shift in your thinking.  And as the “what if’s” become more vivid and inviting, you begin to become even more attached to the vision.  It is now a possibility.  You can see yourself as part of it – you are in the picture.

Now, that your vision is a possibility – it is time to ask “How?” The How is the plan.  Once you have a plan the vision becomes probable. It is even more likely to become your reality.

And then once you start to implement your plan your vision becomes more certain.  As the results come, your thinking moves organically towards certainty.

So you can see how an amazing vision can be extinguished at the first gate – simply because of impossibility thinking.  The right questions at the right time and executed planned actions will take the impossible to certainty.

The key to believing that you are capable of playing your bigger game – of living your potential – is this process of transforming your thinking from impossible to certain.




This is a great tool for living life to the fullest.  You are what you think and impossibility thinking is so very restrictive!  This is just one of the processes we use at our LIFE by DESIGN Programs as we work together to design a truly bespoke life for you.


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