This is the third in a series of blogs on Doing Business in a Downturn.  If you missed the previous blogs you can find them here – Part 1 and Part 2

The thing about energy is that it’s contagious, it can go viral.  If low energy enters a high energy environment the low energy is raised to a higher level – it is a scientific fact.

When low energy gathers as a crowd, the compounding impact is that the overall energy of the space and the inhabitants will most likely spiral further down.  Contagion runs rampant.

When energy is raised, whether intentionally or unconsciously, people feel better – their outlook improves, they can see past their immediate challenges and hope shows up, there is a shift in their point of view.  The more often they connect with a higher energy the more embedded and less temporary the feeling of hope and possibility becomes.

How does this relate to doing business in a downturn?  Everything!

There is a direct link between the energy you take into your business and business growth and profitability.

People make different decisions from a high energy space than they do from a place of low energy.   They are more likely to come back.  They are more likely to buy.  They are more likely to tell their friends about you.  This behaviour compounds if, each time they come back, the experience is uplifting and energising.  Buyer confidence is enhanced.

Be super attentive to the level of energy in your business space – to the lighting, the colour, the tidiness and cleanliness, the smell, the overall design, the music – be conscious of what is going on for the five senses of those who enter this space.

Smile, make eye contact, be welcoming, don’t be slothful, stand tall, don’t slouch, use positive language, have pride in your place.

Check in and check out your own energy.  If need be, have a carpark meeting with yourself before you enter the workplace and ask – What message am I sending to my team and my customers?  What does my face say?  Where is my energy at?  Do what it takes to lift your energy and bring the attitude you want to attract.

Don’t buy into the low energy mindset of those who are playing the victim game.

This energy story is even more important when the market place is enrolled in the concept of a downturn and buyer confidence is low.

Here is an Energy Checklist for you to use to keep your energy high in your business.

Energy Checklist Graphic

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