So you know what you want to achieve this year?  You are clear on what your goals are and why it is important to you that they are reached.  This knowing is so powerful – clarity around goals means that you are more likely to make decisions and take actions everyday with these desired outcomes as your point of reference.  If I take this action… will it take me closer to my goals?  You are FOCUSED on the main aim of your game.

You have EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES.  You know what and how to do what needs to be done.  There is a purposeful series of actions needed to be taken to achieve your objectives.

It is just as important to consider what might “do you in” – what disempowering beliefs or thoughts could block your progress?  Be honest and write them down.  Now you are better prepared to take them out of the equation – to recognise these disempowering beliefs when they show up as inhibitors to your success.

Will any of these “do you in” – laziness, fear of failure, lack of focus, procrastination, when-then??

Engage someone to keep you on purpose and to remind and support you to stay FOCUSED, to hold only EMPOWERING BELIEFS and build EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES which will accelerate your success.

FOCUS, EFFECTIVE STRATEGIES & EMPOWERING BELIEFS equals the “A” ZONE – combined these 3 factors compound the power – accelerating your success!


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