At Opening Gates we design high impact profitable businesses and an integral part of the design process is understanding and leveraging human behaviour.

We use DISC ADVANCED as our behavioural profiling platform because it is understandable, and easily applied to real world experience.

Given our real world experience has been turned on its head in recent times as a consequence of this global pandemic it is an opportune time to revisit your DISC ADVANCED profiling reports with a mind to understanding how you might better support your people as they navigate their way through this new world where uncertainty and unpredictability reign supreme.

One of your most valuable resources at a time like this is your DISC ADVANCED IP. The knowledge and awareness DISC insights provide in an environment of change and uncertainty is remarkable.

People with different profiles react differently to change, uncertainty and unpredictability. Understanding and being aware of this, enables us to be better leaders and to better support our people. In fact, we may be able to pre-empt the impact a proposed change might have on the behaviours of our team and that is a powerful position to be in.

Watch this video and learn how each of the profiles may be impacted right now, what behaviours to look out for and how you might better leverage unique strengths.

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