I’m off to Antarctica! And I am taking 116 entrepreneurs with me!

I said YES – I’m in!  There was no reason I could think of to say NO.  There were so many reasons to say YES.

These are 8 steps that I use when making big decisions.

You can use this process to make big decisions in your business and life – it makes a real difference knowing that you have asked the right questions before coming to a conclusion.

So why am I going?


  1. I believe a journey outside is a journey inside.  An adventure in Antarctica wasn’t on my life list – it was something I had not yet imagined I could do.  And here it is – the opportunity has presented itself!  I want to experience Antarctica – absolutely!  Those who have been, tell me that just being on Antarctica evokes an emotional response second to none – an instant heart based reaction to the spectacular and pristine beauty of this world of ice.

Question 1: Will this opportunity add value to me emotionally, intellectually, spiritually?


  1. I believe people don’t buy what you do, they buy why you do it.  I bought into this adventure because the UNSTOPPABLES “WHY” resonated with me.  My WHY – the reason I believe I am on this earth for this time – is to lift the energy of the world by re-igniting passion for life and living, through growth and giving.  I want to be part of creating a movement that will change the future for generations beyond me and what a way to do it!

Question 2: Does the business’ or person’s WHY resonate with me – do I relate to the reason WHY they do what they do?  Will I be making a difference?


  1. I believe people’s expectations for themselves are a direct reflection of the expectations of their peer group – so what happens when we surround ourselves with people who dream and think way bigger than we do – who know stuff we don’t?  I am excited about the learning and growing I will do.  And I’m excited about harnessing the passion generated when 117 entrepreneurs are brought together in a high energy environment – an environment conducive to big, innovative thinking.  What a privilege to be part of this journey!

Question 3: Will I be able to engage with people who will expand my knowledge and extend what I believe is possible for me?


  1. I believe great things happen when the right people are brought together with a grand vision in mind.  Imagine bringing together the enablers and the innovators, who, through collaboration and like-mindedness, design a way to make an extraordinary difference.  An entrepreneur on his or her own is capable of greatness – imagine what 117 amazing minds in collusion will do – colluding to change the world – to enable an exceptional future.

Question 4: Will I be able to connect with people who will open my mind to new opportunities for me and/or my business?


  1. I believe we have everything we need to play our bigger game.  And what I have found is, people don’t believe they are capable, or even entitled, to play a bigger game.  And others just don’t know what their bigger game is.  Imagine if we all acknowledged what it is we’re pretending not to know, did what we must do and started to play our bigger game.  I want to see that play out!

Question 5: Will I be encouraged and inspired to play a bigger game?


  1. I believe profit is an enabler – it enables us to invest in our lives, to achieve our goals and to make a contribution beyond ourselves.  If we are going to leave the world a significantly better place, if we are going to leave a legacy – passion alone won’t cut it.  We must generate the funds to finance and enable the vision.  What an opportunity to hear and learn about how others have done it!

Question 6: Will I learn how to increase profit, business value and/or salary?


  1. I believe Mental Capital + Passion + Relationship Capital = Financial Capital.   This is a concept I share with my business owners and leaders – and I can’t wait to see how this formulae works when all of the components are brought together through FIRE on ICE in Antarctica!  Great minds, a passion to make a difference and 117 entrepreneurs having intentional conversations – Oh my!

Question 7: Will I increase my mental capital, re-ignite my passion and meet people who will enable me and/or my business to grow?


  1. I believe in walking my talk – yes, as a catalyst I encourage people to embrace their value and their life with vigour and passion – to do what it takes to progress their WHY – to think big and make stuff happen.  Yes, I will be catalysing and facilitating on Antarctica AND I will be walking my talk at the same time.

Question 8: Will doing this enable me to walk my talk?


And that is why I am going, and why I have decided to be a Game Changer with the UNSTOPPABLES – to do what it takes!

You can read more about my adventure at www.openinggates.com/antarctica/

Use these 8 questions to decide whether an opportunity is right for you.

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