Daily meetings are important – everyone in the business should be in some kind of 5 to 15 minute meeting daily.  Not in the same meeting necessarily, but in a meeting.

These daily huddles promote team performance by engaging peer pressure via the group format, leveraging collective intelligence and establishing clear communication.

The meetings must be short and punchy with strict time limits and specific agendas.  The agendas drive the deliverables of the business and each day builds on the next.

Some must haves for optimum effectiveness are…

If team members are in different locations then they should phone or skype in.  Attendance, preparedness and arriving on time are mandatory – no excuses.

The rhythm of daily huddles symbolises the heart beat of a business.  It provides a forum to celebrate progress towards goals and to identify barriers blocking that progress.  Keeping your finger on the pulse of your business is imperative.

Always take the opportunity to remind the team of the core values of the business and why you do what you do.  Each of the agenda items lends itself to alignment against values and purpose.  Constant and consistent focus is the key – you cannot repeat your values and purpose too often.

Meetings can be the biggest time waster in a business.  Follow these simply steps and disciplines, and the rhythm and routine of huddles will direct team energy towards your business goals. Blocks, inaction & short falls are identified daily and can be nipped in the bud.

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