Turn business strategising on its head – the outcomes are extraordinary

It is that time of the year when you might just stop for long enough to reflect and consider what it is you want to achieve over this coming year.  Yes, it’s New Year’s resolution time!

This is often the time when you focus on yourself as an individual (separate to your business) and on what you want out of life.  This a good thing – it’s what happens next that often wipes out these best intentions or relegates them to the parking station for a later time.

You see, you go back to your business, having made your New Year’s resolutions, and begin the process of strategising for the New Year, focusing on what you need to do to grow your business, nurture you clients, mentor your team, remain relevant, and be more profitable – all good stuff!

You then do what needs to be done to implement these strategies – to progress your business without any consideration for how that may impact on the plan you have for your life (that’s if you have one at all).

As a result, you as an individual get the fall out.  Business first, life second.  This can go on for years – the parking station is full of good intentions and dreams – your dream life really!  But you are too focused on progressing your business to allocate time to those intentions and your dream life.

This is not sustainable – there is a different way – a more profitable way.

At Opening Gates we turn business strategising on its head – LIFE first! What a concept!

Yes, the life plan comes first, then the health plan, then the wealth plan and then, and only then do we look to the business.  The business is the enabler – it must be fit for the purpose of funding the wealth plan to enable the life plan.  You must be fit for the purpose of living this life you aspire to.

Step one is to have a life plan, to set your intentions for you – what do you want to do, to have and who do you want to be in this life?

This must be your first point of reference in all decision making.  Ask yourself – how will this decision promote my life plan?  How will it impact on my intentions for me?

It works!  We constantly witness how re-igniting passion for life and living is the impetus for increased profitability in business – not just as a once off but in a sustainable way.

Is your business fit for purpose?  Do you have a life plan?

Our LIFE by DESIGN Programs and BUSINESS by DESIGN Workshops have been created to support you and your business – to build profitable businesses that enable your life plan.

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