What story does your brand tell?  Is it a historic saga or a futuristic adventure?

I believe we must take a futuristic approach by designing a brand that draws us forward – that enables better business decisions because we have a clear vision of our position in our future market – and our brand reflects that.

A lagging brand will decelerate growth.

As we evolve personally, in an ever evolving market – as our business adapts and grows – so must our brand.  In fact, I believe our brand should precede our evolution!  Acting as a guide, leading us towards the vision we have for our business.

If the buying experience is at odds with the public brand, a state of buyer confusion ensues.  A confused buyer will hesitate and with a plethora of options available to the consumer, seconds matter – they will buy elsewhere.

You can have the best product in the world, but if your brand is at odds with the promise you make to your market, if it lags your growth plan – then selling your product will be a challenge.

We can become very attached to our brands – they are a very familiar part of our daily business lives and may have been “with us” for years.  So understandably there may be a sense of loss – that is, until you are revived by a new and exciting brand that will take you on a more relevant, and rewarding journey.

I have observed business owners actually adapting to their out dated brands – they contract back – the beginning of the end in this every changing environment we live in.

Check your visuals, your language, your colours, your images, the quality of marketing material, personal attire, your office décor and position, social media posts, how you communicate, your presentation style.  What does your website say?

Ask yourself:

Does my brand align with my business and how it is actually positioned in my actual market today?

And then ask:

Does my brand align with my business and how it will be positioned in my desired future market?

Ask your team, your clients, and your alliances for their opinions.  Be aware, though, that those who have been connected with your business and you for some time may also have a vested emotional interest in your current brand.  And remember, each and every one of us will see your brand through our own filters coloured by our own life experiences.

I recommend engaging a branding expert and remember, you are engaging them for their branding smarts, so be very open to new ideas and concepts!  You will be required to articulate very clearly what it is you do, what value you add, who your market is and will be, and so much more – that in itself is a very worthwhile process!

I have found that a brand renewal or revival can bring with it a sense of new beginnings and re-ignite the fire in the belly.  This new business energy is an added bonus to a branding facelift.  My own brand revival is currently underway and the process of re-creation is both enlightening and refreshing – stay tuned!

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