Start the Day with WHY

  • Posted by Judy Reynolds 18 May

Start the Day with WHY

Starting the day with WHY works wonders – it wraps context around your action sheet and the myriad of things you have to do.

Simon Sinek author of “Start with Why” talks about the power of being able to articulate why you do what you do in business.  Simon explains the Golden Circle concept and the science behind it in his YouTube video here.  You don’t need to watch the video now (it is worth watching though) to understand what comes next – so read on.

This concept is equally as powerful for the individual.

When the alarm goes off in the morning the first thing we think about is WHAT we have to do today and the enormity of it.  These thoughts have a way of doing you in before you even start.  The next thought is how – HOW on earth am I going to do all these things?  When it is all about the WHAT and the HOW, the stress ramps up and the pace of life becomes frenetic.  The focus is on laying the bricks without any vision to the cathedral you are building.  The WHAT and the HOW have become “the bad guys” – the reason that life isn’t as you had planned it.

What if we switched it up?

Start with WHY - Sunrise


What if, we woke, welcomed the morning, breathed deep slow breathes and reflected on why we are on this earth for this time.  What if we connected with our heart and allowed the passion for life and living to envelope us.  What if we visualised, with pride, the extraordinary cathedral we are building?  What if we started with our WHY?

Starting with our WHY brings context to our day and to the many actions on our action sheets.  It reminds us WHY we do what we do, why we get up in the morning and go into our business or our work.  Our thoughts become more focused and intentional – we are on purpose.  These actions are the building blocks, the bricks that laid one at a time will build our cathedral, to this life we aspire to. Each brick, each action has more meaning when it is viewed in the context of the bigger story – your cathedral, your life.  This is WHY doing the WHAT and HOW matter!

Try it – tomorrow wake and lead your thoughts from the inside out, rather than the outside in – you can do that because you control your thoughts, don’t you.

Of course you must know WHY you are on this earth for this time, you must know what it is you are here to do, and what a life well lived looks like to you.  You must know this, to be able to start your day with your WHY and benefit from the clarity and power it brings.

The clearer the WHY the more intentional you can be and the more goals you will kick – success in business enables success in your life.  The bigger the WHY, the more reason to do what it takes.

This process is integral to what we do at Opening Gates.

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