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Ignorance is no defence – Connect with your Customers on Social Media

What happens in your business when a client emails or calls you and compliments you and your team on a job well done or refers you?  Do you call or email and acknowledge the thoughtful comments?  Do you reward the referrer?  Most businesses do this as a logical part of nurturing the relationships with their clients and most businesses have a written policy around this process.

But what if, a client liked your facebook page, commented on a blog, promoted your business on social media, retweeted your tweet, or registered an enquiry on-line?

And most businesses have a documented complaints handling system – so that when a client calls or emails with a complaint or concern a nominated person deals with this in an agreed manner.  What if, a client registered their complaint or concern on facebook or twitter?

Ask yourself…

1.  Would you know that you are being talked about on social media?  Who have you nominated to monitor your digital presence and to follow the conversations that are taking place about you?

2.  Have you extended your client contact process (nurturing, enquiry and complaints) through to the social media or digital space?

The majority of customers who leave and choose to shop with your competitors do so because of perceived indifference.  In the digitally connected customers mind, there is an expectation that you will see their digital comment and respond.  If you don’t, there will be a perception that you do not care, that they are not important enough to garner a reaction.

And you can be assured that they are being influenced by your competitors who have recognised social media as a valid and relevant means of communicating.

Ignorance is no defence.  Extend your complaints handling, enquiry response, and customer referral and nurturing policies into the digital space now.  Don’t leave the on-line experience your customers are having with you either to chance, or in the hands of your competitors.


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