10 questions that MUST be answered BEFORE you set your intentions for 2014

31st December, 2013… a day for reflection – not simply for reflection’s sake but for an invaluable insight into who you have become and who you are being, now –  one year on.

Answer these questions… take your time, be honest.  Don’t try to make 2013 look  better or worse than it actually was.  Own it and honour it as another precious year in your journey of life and consider how you lived it, how you felt, how you grew.

1.  What were the most significant events in 2013?  Why were they significant? In review, we can often see how we zig zag our way through life.  So, where there any events which turned your zig into a zag?

2.  Who influenced you the most in 2013?  Or rather, who did you allow to influence you and how you lived your life in 2013?  Why?

3.  What were your biggest challenges?  And in hindsight, would you have done anything differently?  This question often highlights the learnings.

4.  Did you practice self-care?  Did you honour your  physical body, the vessel which will enable you to do what needs to be done over your entire lifetime … to live the life you aspire to.

5.  Did you stay true to you, your definition of you, to your values?  And if you did or you didn’t… how did it feel?  Are you clear on who you are, what your definition of you is, or what your non-negotiable values are?

6.  How would you rate your passion for your life in 2013?  1 = abysmal and 10 = awesome.  Why?  Compared to other years – how did it rate in the passion stakes?

7.  Did you have a purpose?  A reason for being – Do you know why you are on this earth at this time?

8.  And did you really participate in life… I mean, give it your all?  Did you welcome each morning with anticipation? Rate it 1 to 10.

9. How did  you grow?  What did you learn?  How did you feed your intelligence?

10.  What contribution did you make beyond yourself?  How did you take your value, your core genius and transfer that value to others?  Do you know what value you have to add?

The answers to these 10 questions will help you better understand you – to begin to know yourself more intimately.  But only if you are completely honest?  Check your responses – how did you go?  Did you find yourself shutting down “the truth” and moving on to the next question?  Take your time and write down your responses.

Remember your life is a reflection of you and the choices you have and will make.

Tomorrow when you set your intentions for you for 2014 you will see that the answers to these questions give you invaluable guidance and insight.

In order to set your intentions for your future and to create a life which is perfect for you, you must know yourself intimately – otherwise you might just find you are living a life better suited to someone else – and often that someone else is the person who is most influencing you at the time…  Our LIFE by DESIGN Retreats provide a perfect forum to explore your uniqueness and enable you to design a bespoke life – an amazing fulfilling life that you aspire to.



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