The 3 of You RevisedHe just doesn’t have his heart in it.

How often have you heard this said – generally as a result of a less than remarkable performance in an endeavour or a project of some kind.

There is a presumption that if he did have his “heart in it” – the outcome or the performance would have been so much better.

I have seen this play out in business, often!

The initial assumption is that in order to be successful, to maximise profits, business must be an intellectual forum, one where your head rules your heart and egos are rife.  There is a belief that the first (and often the only) point of reference in decision making is “how will this decision progress my business? What value will be added to my business?”  There is little consideration for how this decision might impact on the life plan (if there is one) of the owners and leaders.

As a consequence, the “business” takes on a life of its own and is now the boss – it is tyrannical, it will ask more and more of the owners and leaders, it has no heart and exhibits no feelings.  The owners and leaders have effectively delegated the lead to their business – and, at the cost of their control over their lives and their own well-being. This is simply unsustainable.

I know that you don’t have to lose in life to win in business – it is one of the key tenets overarching why I do what I do.  When we shift the first point of reference for decision making in business to “how will this impact my life plan” – when we take a heart based approach – the whole energy of business changes.  The owners and leaders are taking the lead, they are clear on the role of the business in their lives, they know that they are so much more than the business, they know what a life well lived looks like to them and they are living it – and running a successful business.

They have their heart in it because the business is the enabler of their life plan. And because their heart is in it, the performance of the business improves.

Increase in net profit = increase in net enabler = a better life => a very powerful purpose!

And this is sustainable – both financially and emotionally!

Intellect and ego play their parts – very important parts – but no longer at the expense of the heart.  It is a potent way to do business.  And it starts with awareness – knowing that there is another way – you can take your life back – you are the boss of you!

You can win in life and business – in fact, winning in life is a prerequisite for a remarkably successful business.

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