Leadership involves 2 parallel journeys – leading your “self” and leading your team.  Being a great leader of “self” is an absolute pre-requisite to being an effective team leader.

I believe that our ability to reach our potential, to build an exemplary value stack and to make the most significant contribution we can – is a direct result of our own ability to lead our “selves”.

The most valuable self development we can invest in, is that which will help us to be better at taking the lead in our own lives.

Learning to be a better leader of “self” is a common thread that weaves its way through all of my workshops and training programs.

How prepared are you to lead your way in your life?

1.  Do you KNOW what you should be focused on, day in day out, in order to live the life you aspire to?  Do you KNOW what your intention for each day is?
2.  Do you know how you should BE and what you should DO in order to HAVE that life?  Are you AWARE of how you are being, and what you are doing, moment to moment – so that you know whether you are on or off track?
3.  Do you know what it will take to INFLUENCE your ‘self’ to get back on track?

This fluid continuous process of KNOWING > AWARENESS > INFLUENCE is what it takes to maintain momentum in your life. It enables you to stay in control of your life direction and is a very productive habit to develop.

A great way to begin to develop this habit is to set times each day to check in and reset – early morning, am break, lunch, pm break, and late evening.  Put reminders in your calender.  You can align your check in times with an activity you do regularly during the day – it might be each time you have a coffee.

Once this is an unconscious process for you, you will witness how powerful it is – you will be focused on the main aim of your game and enabling your choice not chance to determine your destiny.

This same process is equally as valid and effective when leading your team.  You must KNOW what your team must be focused on to achieve the desired outcomes.  As their leader you must be very much AWARE of how your team members are being and what they are doing.  And, then be able to INFLUENCE them to stay on track.

It is exactly the same process and a very powerful tool to have in your tool box of life.

I have found that there is plenty of training and skill development for leaders of teams, while the development of capabilities around self-leadership is often neglected.  And this is why I have created my LEADERSHIP by DESIGN workshops – to bridge this gap and to align the two journeys – leading “self” and leading a team.


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