When did you stop believing you were superman?

Who told you that you didn’t have super human powers?

When did you learn that you could only pretend to be a super hero?  That you could not actually be one?

As children, we have no boundaries inhibiting who we are, no comprehension of impossible…  

When did we unlearn this belief?  When did we become less brave, less creative …  When did we stop using our imagination?  When did we stop being brave enough to share our dreams, our musings?  When did we stop pushing the status quo without knowing there was a status quo?

When we learnt to conform to other peoples’ expectations – that’s when.

When expectations were based on a belief that society required compliance, that to be accepted you had to fit in and not rock the boat – that’s when.

What this world and society needs is self-belief, commitment, fearless initiative, and a preparedness to express our core genius and to learn and contribute.

If we learned not to stand out… then we can unlearn it!  We can change the status quo.

Embrace your greatness, be prepared to stand up for your art, be innovative, care enough about your legacy to progress your core genius.

Know that we are all born with an unknowing… we didn’t know that there were limits to who we could be.

And there aren’t … we were right!

What if there was no such thing as an impossible dream?

And there isn’t… imagine that!


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