[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]How often, when you first meet someone and by way of starting conversation, you ask, “ What do you do?”  And how often, is the reply a story about their business and their role in it?

The thing is… many business owners don’t see themselves as an entity or being separate from their business.  The business defines them.  Without the business – who on earth are they – there is nothing else?  Over time they have dissolved into the whirlpool of business, spinning endlessly with not a skerrick of control.  The more you hand control of your life over to your business, the more you do and the more time the business demands.  If you are your business, then so it must be.  Or so it seems.

This is not sustainable.  The inevitable outcome is a complete disconnection from the business or from life.  Sustainability in business requires the owner to retain a separate existence – to see the business for what it is… a vehicle which serves your life – one avenue (one of many) through which you meet your human needs.  There is no need to lose in life to win in business.  In fact you must win in life to have a business that is winning in a sustainable way.

Take heart – there is another way – a better way.  If it is possible for me it is possible for you … it is just a matter of knowing how.

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