High Road

Sometimes stuff happens – stuff that wasn’t in the plan and which doesn’t appear to be supporting our journey towards our goals.

We could take a woe is me approach – take the low road and blame, excuse, deny our way through this less than extraordinary experience.  Play the victim.

Or we could take the high road and know that everything happens for a reason and in some way it serves us.  This is a leader’s way of thinking.  We take responsibility for where we are and ownership of our current state.  The focus is on identifying the learning and learning from the experience – building intellectual capital as we go.

We must continually practice high road thinking – it is a mindset which requires resetting from time to time.  The most important thing is that we recognise our state of thinking so that we know when we are on the low road – we can then reset, refocus and go back to the high road.

Victim thinking is a disempowering mindset – energy levels are low and we begin to get more of what we are focusing on – more and more stuff!

High road thinking is so much more productive and changes the state of who we are being – we are focused on the positive, energy levels are high and our journey is so much more enjoyable.

We do have a choice when stuff happens – high or low?

Which road are you travelling?


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