Gut Instinct

It is time to mix it up… decision making should be a blend of rationale and spirituality, logic and intuition, theory and gut instinct, head and heart.

How often do you “decide” based on gut instinct and then do your due diligence using your intellect only to arrive back at your initial choice?  How often do you act on a decision which does not feel right only to find out it was wrong some time down the track?… and you think I should have gone with my gut instinct!

It is OK to trust your intuition.  And we are more trusting when we have taken the time to articulate our values, our culture, our WHY, our beliefs – because we are so much more aware, we “see” the alignment and we also clearly “see” what won’t work.

So go to the heart, refer to the intellect (if necessary) and then engage the ego to make things happen.

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