I believe in feeding my intelligence – in lifetime learning – it enables me to grow and to thrive in this ever changing environment.  I prefer to disrupt than be disrupted.

New learnings are the impetus for innovative thought – for instigating change that adds value.  Remember that the level of thinking which created a problem will not solve it.  Knowledge is an enabler – it enables us to think differently, with an expanded perspective.

And the thing, is you will also see new opportunities in prior learnings because you are in a different place… so don’t be afraid to review what you know you know and reassess how relevant it is now or whether you are implementing that knowledge in the most powerful way today.

The book was the same book I had read so many times BUT I was not the same person reading it” – this says it all really and a perfect example for me is “Think and Grow Rich” by Napoleon Hill.  I have read this book at least five times over my life so far – and each time I have taken something incredibly valuable from it.

Make time everyday to feed your intelligence – review notes from previous learnings, read a blog, a paragraph of a new book, listen to a webinar, have a conversation, take a trip – whatever it takes to continue to grow.  Because if you aren’t growing – then what?


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