Keep opening gates and live into your best life

Opening Gates – the gates are analogies for choice points.  How often do we come to a gate on our life’s journey – a choice point and ponder?  Should we open the gate and walk on through, do we wait for support, do we take a detour – choose a different gate, do we wander in circles aimlessly to return to the gate again and again, do we get dragged through kicking and screaming or simply refuse to take that path.

The deliberations and the emotion associated with the uncertainty can be reduced if we are clear on where we want to be, on what a life well lived looks like to us, if we are sure of our values, of our WHY, our purpose in life.  This knowing brings the confidence to follow our intuition.  It overrides those disempowering beliefs that create doubt and hesitation.  The choice points are embraced by the traveller with anticipation… as wonderful opportunities, a validation that we are on the right path.

Personal growth is just beyond the gate – extend yourself.  Keep opening gates – and live into your best life.


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