Burnt Out

We work with many people who describe themselves as “burnt out” – what does that mean?

In order to be burnt out you must have been on fire at some point?  Were you?

“I am burnt out”…  Burnt out is not who you are – burnt out is something that happened to you – burnt out is an event not a person.  It does not define you.

If you think you are burnt out… then that creates a very limited mindset… you begin to think like you think a burnt out person might think?

You make excuses for your behaviour – well that is what you would expect a burnt out person to do.  So it’s OK?

What if you weren’t actually burnt out?  How might your mindset change? The events that caused you to feel burnt out are in the past, they no longer exist – since you aren’t burnt out, then who are you?  The same amazing human being that you have always been!  Or you can change your circumstances and the events that are causing you to identify yourself as burnt out and therefore change how you are feeling – no burnt out events – no burnt out feelings.

At Opening Gates we work with business owners and leaders who come to us feeling this way – and there is an alternative. 

If you are feeling burnt out (or feel you are heading in that direction), get in touch with us for an obligation free chat, and we’ll talk you through the solutions.

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