One of my favourite roles is facilitating strategic sessions with my business clients.  It’s wonderful to witness the increase in positive energy, to feel the enthusiasm building.

We reconnect with WHY we do what we do – the purpose, the reason we get up in the morning, that moment that brings a smile to our faces, engages our hearts – this will be a key point of reference in the decisions making.

This passion evoked by a WHY that is authentic promotes participation – we are prepared to do what it takes to stay on purpose.


We are on song!

When we have real clarity around where we want to be and knowing why we want that, we become clear on what we must FOCUS on to stay on purpose.  All of a sudden we are able to concentrate effort, energy and thought around one focal point – this builds momentum and great strategies emerge, the blocks which once seemed unconquerable are dealt with.


And we are in the zone – the energy continues to build!

And I use “WE” instead of “THEY” because I feel so much part of their story – the enthusiasm is contagious.  There is energy transfer.  It brings a smile to my face!

Facilitating these sessions is completely aligned with my belief that we all have everything we need to play our bigger game – knowing what our bigger game is and believing that we are up for it is all part of the process!  Love it!


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