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Message of self discovery for women's luncheon

Gladstone Observer 8/3/2014

judy-messageWINNING in business does not mean losing in life was the key message guest speaker Judy Reynolds gave to a crowd of women at the International Women’s Day Luncheon on Friday.

Speaking at the Gladstone Entertainment and Convention Centre, Ms Reynolds urged women to define themselves, not by what they did as a job or role as a mother, but rather work on knowing who they were as a person.

By knowing their true nature and motivations, she said women could work towards goals that could make them truly happy.

“We tend to identify or define ourselves by our job or our family, but there is so much more to our lives than that,” she said.

“If our work or family leaves us, there’s nothing left, there’s a gaping hole.”

Ms Reynolds spoke from her own experience of self discovery which started seven years ago, when she sold her award-winning accounting and financial planning business.

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March 8, 2014

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