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Aussie entrepreneurs take to frozen south

SMH, The Age, Yahoo 7 Finance, Brisbane Times, Trading Room - 23/01/2015


Fire on Ice brought together over 100 Entrepreneurs – high achievers in business who enjoy an adventure, who are innovative and prepared to push the status quo… who have a vision to leave the world a better place.

As millions of Aussies relax and fire up the barbie on Australia Day, a group of 115 entrepreneurs will be busy brainstorming in Antarctica.

The group is heading to the frozen continent for eight days in search of inspiration and ideas they hope will lead to about $1 billion worth of business deals.

The trip is the brainchild of self-made millionaire businessman Julio De Laffitte, who has set up a think tank called The Unstoppables to foster collaboration between entrepreneurs.

Mr De Laffitte says Australia’s future depends on innovation, with the economy getting a boost from every start-up business that succeeds.

You can read more about the Fire on Ice ‘Unstoppable’s Antarctica adventure in the media here:


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January 23, 2015

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