Life Plan

Many of us have a business plan (well perhaps not as many as should).  If you are one of those diligent business owners with a plan, then you would be able to tell us:

  • if your business is where you had planned it to be;
  • how it had gone off track (if it had) and why;
  • about the strategy you have to get it back on track; and
  • how the vision you have for your business is still valid and clear or otherwise.

So that’s the business, but what about you?  Are you where you planned to be?

You could answer this with clarity if you had a life plan – if you had done the work – the most important work – if you had designed the life to which you aspire.

Check-in and ask yourself:

  • Do you know what a life well lived looks like to you?
  • In your rocking chair looking back – what would you recall – would the memory make your heart sing?  Would the recollections bring feelings of contentment, pride and joy?
  • How would your time line look?  What images would you see that describe and reflect how you have lived, loved, contributed, grown and connected?

When you can answer these questions you will begin to have real clarity around your vision for you.  You will then be able to make choices that cause your desired life to turn up.

Now is the time to plan – there can be no waiting.  This gift of life is way too precious to be left up to chance.

To add even more confusion and complexity, as business owners and leaders, we have the dilemma of two choices:

  1. We can choose to consider how a business strategy will impact our life plan before deciding to implement it; or
  2. We can implement the business strategy and then deal with the life consequences – the fall out.

The second choice puts the business firmly in control, front and centre.  You have effectively delegated your life to your business.

The first choice positions the business as an enabler of your life plan.  You’re taking the lead, making intentional choices – choices which will enable you to live the life you aspire to.  You are engaging your business to cause this.  There is no doubt that you are in control.

Can you see that your life plan is as important as your business plan, or more so?  Can you see that your life plan must come first?  That it must be your first point of reference in decision making?

This is the only way way to make business decisions that will enable the life you have planned for you.  Life first, business second!

We can help you create your life plan – we understand that it is hard to know where to start and our LIFE by DESIGN Programs are designed to take you through this process.

Invest the time to do this work – create a vision for you and lead your own way.  As a result you will:

  1. be clear on who you are now and see yourself as way more than what you do;
  2. begin to understand who it is you want to be over your lifetime; and
  3. start to bridge the gap with intention – one step at a time – to take your journey and live your extraordinary life – the life you deserve.

You will have a “best life” point of reference in decision making.  The answers will be very clear – you will know with absolute surety whether this decision will progress your life plan, and whether there is alignment with your vision for you?  Very powerful!

PS… There is a bonus to having a life plan – your business will thrive off the back of your new purpose and passion, your renewed energy.

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