Whale Shark

Everything you need to grow is just outside your comfort zone… yes, it is my mantra.

I believe we must disturb our state of ennui (see my recent blog) and feel uncomfortable from time to time in order to step up and discover untapped potential. The heightened state of awareness that comes with pushing our status quo is when we learn so much about ourselves.  It is a wonderful opportunity to practice influencing our thoughts and adjusting our states – leading our own way – choosing to play our bigger game.

Well I sure did push my status quo this week!  And I was reminded of some very important lessons.

Even though I love the beach, I have an innate fear of being in deep water… especially ocean deep!  So when I decided to swim with the whale sharks off the West Australian coast, it was with real trepidation.  There was a lot of inner dialogue going on I can assure you, as I struggled to keep my fears in check.  The first few swims were challenging with swells and strong currents and fast swimming whale sharks!  But then, we came across a very rare “circling” whale shark that swam leisurely around us.  It didn’t take long for the fear of the ocean to be pushed aside by the sheer wonderment of being so close to this 7 metre animal – to feel its power as it glided effortlessly past me.  I felt a state of calm come over me and I began to relax.  I began to notice the feel of the water against my skin, the undulation of the swell, the bubbles, and how far the sunlight reached down below the surface.  And of course I noticed the whale shark in its glorious detail, through quiet eyes and with an intrigue no longer stymied by panic.

Yes, this enormous majestic whale shark at one with the ocean “took my hand” and enabled me to leave my fear behind.  It reminded me that changing what I was focusing on (my fear of deep water) was all that was needed to shift my state to one conducive to growth and learning.  There was nothing to be fearful of in the moment – it existed only in my mind at some future time.  A timely lesson re-learned!

Two days later and I am still feeling the effects of my amazing encounter with my whale shark – my energy remains higher and I am reminded once again to be in awe of what is possible in this life of mine.

If you ever get the chance to swim with this mysterious giant of the ocean, just do it!


Whale Shark 3 - IMG_6404[2]


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