Leadership by Design

Build an even better business by developing better leaders

The LEADERSHIP by DESIGN workshop challenges you to consider the leadership dynamics of your business today, to lift the lid on that leadership through learning and awareness, and to uncover the untapped potential in your business.

A business will never outperform its leader.

Behind every successful business is a powerful leader.  Great leaders work on themselves as much as they work on the business.  It is a continuous process of learning and growing.  It is equally as important to review how you are being as a leader and to re-invigorate your energy and focus.

You don’t do leadership – you be a leader.

  • How long could you be away from your business before it began to flounder?
  • And if we came into your business, would we be able to identify the leaders?
  • Do you know where your focus should be?  And is your focus there more than 80% of the time?
  • How often do you find yourself dealing with issues that have already been delegated?
  • How would you rate the purpose, passion and participation in your business?  Yours?  That of your leaders?
  • As custodian’s of the culture – are your leaders walking the culture talk?
  • Are you spending most of your time and energy working on the main aim of your game?  Do you know what that is?
  • Who is really influencing your team’s behaviours on a day to day basis?

The LEADERSHIP by DESIGN workshop addresses these questions and more – focusing on what it takes to lead your business from where it is now to where you want it to be and to do so in the most powerful way.

The tools, insights and processes build the intellectual capital in your organization – an absolute must for a growing, vibrant business.

You will learn that you do not have to have a title to lead and once we debunk that myth, the opportunities to share the load become more obvious and opens up the potential for exponential growth – you are no longer leveraging off the leadership ability of one or two people.

The ultimate test of great leadership is a leader’s ability to develop other leaders – great leaders grow leaders.

Workshop Overview

The LEADERSHIP by DESIGN workshop is 3 hours in duration and includes:

  • Reflection and self-assessment – the first trait of a great leader is to self-assess often, to check in, to be brutally honest with themselves;
  • Learning and insights – we cover possibility thinking, success habits, attitude, behaviours, momentum, motivation, focus, growing leaders and so much more; and
  • Application and opportunity – you will identify your most important actions and know why you must follow through.

Upcoming Leadership By Design Workshops

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