Hooks and Fences

We have heard talk of “building fences” around your clients, and introducing “another hook” – and it makes us shudder!

We ask you – what does this language say to you?

It suggests that the only way you can keep a client is to fence them in or hook them – and that is just crazy talk.  This fear of losing a client and the underlying meaning around this language actually hooks into your subconscious and builds a fence around your thinking!  It restricts your choices not that of your client.

The only way to ensure your clients don’t stray is to provide more value than your competitors do – you don’t need the hardware!

The best way to find out what clients value is to have “real” conversations with them – conversations that have transitioned from a transactional, reactive focus to one that is a relationship building, proactive initiative – a holistic future focused discussion.

Our CONVERSATIONS by DESIGN process addresses this and so much more.

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