Effective recruitment is one of the biggest challenges business owners say they face – they tell me it is impossible to get the right people.  And as a consequence they, themselves, must work harder and longer hours.  And business growth is stymied as a result.

Some tell me that all the kids of today (their potential employees) are in such a hurry, they want everything now, and with the least amount of effort.  They are not interested in working hard or putting in the hours and are so idealistic.

Firstly, let me say that there are 2 really big global statements or beliefs here –

1. “It is impossible to get the right people”; and

2. These descriptions of the attitudes of young people.

I believe that this people challenge is actually a mindset challenge… nothing more, nothing less.

With limiting global beliefs like this in tow, we will not take an expansive or creative mindset into the recruitment process.

If we go to the market thinking that we won’t find the right person – then we most probably won’t!

If we are thinking it is all a waste of time, our commitment to the process will be weak.  We will most likely revert to doing what we have always done (and we will get what we have always got – the “wrong” people).  Given that we expect recruitment will not be successful, we are disinclined to be innovative, think outside the square or to invest extra energy, funds, or time in the process.

But what if you took the attitude that the right people are out there… they are just not working for you… yet.  And who are these kids who have a sense of urgency, who are ambitious, confident, who have interests other than work and envision a better way of being?

How would your mindset change?

If you are not attracting the people you need, then why not?  Maybe it isn’t that the people aren’t out there, but rather that they are not attracted to what they perceive you have to offer.  Would you examine what you did last time and consider how it could be improved to be more relevant to the current labour market?  Would you spend more time becoming clear on exactly who this person might be, what skill set they might have, and what they might be doing now, where they could be working and what environment they are currently excelling in.

Given that you now believe the right people are out there, then:

  • advertise more strategically;
  • work at attracting this talent – become a talent magnet; and

Find out the answers to these questions:

  • what are their hobbies and their interests?;
  • where are they are studying and how they are spending their spare time?;
  • how can you add value to them before they even know they will be working for you?;
  • who do you know who could help you to find these stars?;
  • are you fishing where the fish are?;
  • how are you promoting your value in places they are shopping or browsing?; and
  • what would a fast paced, value adding, exciting, balanced work place look like (and isn’t that where you would like to work anyway… and the energy of a place like that… how would that feel)?

When you change your language and recognise the limiting effect of this type of global generalised belief, then you begin to see the challenge with a new sense of possibility.

Consider the attributes of our amazing younger generation – think about how their beliefs and attitudes can be leveraged and harnessed in your business environment.  It’s interesting that when you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.  Yes, it is all about mindset and the willingness to challenge old beliefs.  This is why a business will never outperform its owners and leaders – and this is why business owners, if they give themselves permission, will enjoy incredible personal growth as a pre-requisite for leading a vibrant, relevant business that attracts great people.

So with your new empowering beliefs in place… take another look at your people challenge – you will be pleasantly surprised at the new opportunities that come with an expanded mindset.

This way of thinking is integral to becoming an even better leader in business and in life.

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