Decisions X Actions = Results

A simple equation relevant in both business and life.

Everyday we make hundreds of decisions – in a business the number of decisions are increased as the number of employees increase – in a business with 50 employees there are thousands of decisions being made every day.


So how do we make better decisions?

There are three MUST DO’s …

1.  Base decisions on the future not the past – Communicate your Vision:  If we make decisions today based on what we have always done… then we are going to get what we always got… agree… same stuff different day.  We must have absolute clarity around our vision for our business, so that the decisions we make are relevant and will take us towards the future we are clear on.

2.  Understand and share why you do what you do:  Your business exists to serve your life and your life’s purpose.  So, when you build this vision for your business it must be based on what it needs to be in order to serve its purpose in your life.  No, you have not been put on this earth to serve your business!!  So what is the purpose of the business?  Why do you do what you do?  What is the reason that you get up and go to work each day?  What is the purpose beyond the purpose of your business?  These questions are so important because being on purpose generates passion – purpose and passion promote participation and together they generate profit.  People connect with you because they believe what you believe and they will engage with you because of why you do what you do rather that what and how you do it.

3.  Communicate and live into your company values:  Generally, the values of the business are integral to the purpose of the business or why you do what you do, because they are based on beliefs.  Remember values and beliefs drive behaviours… we don’t see values we see behaviours.

If your team is clear on where the business is headed, its purpose, why they do what they do, and the underlying non-negotiable values of the organisation – then each and every one of them is in a position to make a decision which will be appropriate and will take the business in the right direction.  Communication is key… consistent, persistent open communication.


So we now have the owners and the team all making better decisions.  But nothing happens if nothing happens.  The next step is to DO it!  Someone must be accountable and responsible.  Set time frames and document both why the decision was made and the impact it will have on the organisation.  Act while the action is still relevant.


Make better decisions, take more powerful action and you will get better results – very simple, but very powerful.

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