Video games are designed so that once the gamer masters one stage they are rewarded with a more difficult level.  They are challenged again and again.

How might this translate into the reality of life and business?

What if we saw a new challenge as a reward for mastering old ones, for our past effort?

What if we embraced new challenges with the gusto and excitement the gamer feels when they are elevated to a higher level?

A gamer’s mindset would permit us to look forward to new challenges with anticipation, to seek them out – rather than seeing them as hurdles, blocks or problems to be endured.

Being excited about meeting the next challenge brings with it a sense of urgency to deal with the current one.  When a sense of urgency replaces a state of ennui the thought process is much more conducive to innovative problem solving – energy is heightened.

This is a powerful mindset – “I can’t wait to conquer this challenge so I can meet the next one”.

A potent shift – transitioning from penalty to reward!

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