Me:  “How are you feeling?”

Almost every person I have spoken to:  “I feel lost”

Me:  Yes, but YOU aren’t lost – lost doesn’t define who you are.  You’re still there in all your glory. I see you. You simply have to rediscover and reclaim yourself and in some cases re-imagine yourself.  You have to “see” (and believe) how you can be relevant in an entirely different landscape.

Ask yourself:

What do I have to bring to the table?  What is my value proposition?

Now is the time sit down with yourself and tap back into your value proposition.  Establish what it is you bring to the table.  Get clear on what makes up your intellectual capital, what IP exists within, and what your core genius is. Your core genius is something that you are really good at (your strength), it is something you love to do (your passion) and which provides you with the best ROI (your reward)

[You can download a resource to help you discover your Core Genius ]

AND then, consider how you could utilise these qualities, this value proposition – to add value in this current environment – our new reality.

Ask yourself:

How will I leave people in a better place and who are these people?

Who needs what I have, who needs what I can do, and who needs to engage with people like me?

You must look at this newly established value proposition, not through the filters of the past, but with fresh eyes – with this unprecedented new way of being and the future as our point of reference.

There is no point designing your value proposition using the past as your point of reference – the past is no longer a valid benchmark – it is entirely irrelevant.

Now that you have this vivid picture of you and your value proposition, consider it in the context of the new landscape we find ourselves in.

Ask yourself:

How can I engage in my core genius now? How do I apply my core genius to a very different framework and context? 

It is more important than ever that we do what lifts our energy, and to feel passionate about how we add value.  It is more important than ever to engage your tribe who will support you, and, with your permission, challenge you to play a big game and potentially, a very different game.

Ask yourself:

Who do I need in my tribe?

This process of discovery, acknowledgement, and re-invention is exciting – it is about opportunity and possibility.  It may take time.  Often the best ideas are the ones that emerge way after those that come straight to mind.  You may need to ask others to help you to see yourself in order to get another’s point of view.

You see if you only see yourself in the context of your past, you will feel lost and irrelevant.   If you see yourself in the light of the future, there is every chance that you will recognise and claim an opportunity that shows up, as your opportunity – an opportunity for you to add value and to be rewarded.

Do this work – it may well be the work that delivers your highest ROI (return on investment for time invested).  Have wonderful expansive conversations with yourself.  Some of the most important conversations we will have are those we have with ourselves.

Ask yourself:

How proud of me am I?  Do I own this value proposition? Will I do what it takes?

And please do not hesitate to reach out if you need guidance or support.  Please connect here.


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