Do you know how to disempower a Disempowering Belief?  

It’s simple!   Just ask the right questions. 

A conversation…

Son        “I can’t do anything right at work”

Mum     “Is that true?  How do you know that?”

Son         “Well, no one tells me I do a good job”

Mum      “Has anyone told you that you are doing a poor job?”

Son          “No”

Mum      “So if no one has told you that you’re doing a poor job – then we could infer from that
that you are doing a good 
job, right?”

Son         “Well, no, it’s probably just that they haven’t actually said it”

Mum       “So does that mean that they also may not have said that you have done a good job,
even though you are doing a 
good job?”

Son          ”I’m confused”

Mum       “Great … my job here is done!”

There are some gems in here – and it’s more than Mum messing with her Son’s mind.

A great question to ask when someone carries a disempowering belief is: “Do you know that that is 100% true?”  There is always a chance that the belief is not valid – and this is often enough for the person to re-consider their position on the subject.

Son         Ok, I don’t know that it is 100% true that I can’t do anything right”

Mum       “So you could be doing some things right at work? – it is possible that you are doing
some things right.”

They may continue to argue and gather evidence to support their belief – but eventually they must admit that this belief may not be 100% true.

Adding doubt to the mix weakens the belief, and the focus and mindset is directed towards a more positive space – I might be doing something right?

Now that is messing with the mind!


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