Does your product or service scream – Pick me!  Pick me!

I couldn’t help myself… I had to go into the Button Bar in Adelaide and take this photo – and this is only a small section of the walls of buttons.  It made me think how choice has expanded exponentially in a global market place.  We are no longer the only shop in town selling buttons to our local market!  It is a whole new world out there!  And on the face of it… these buttons all looked the same.

What is this?  A wall of buttons!!  Yes, thousands of buttons – different colours, shapes, sizes – all with a similar function – so how do we choose?  Why one button over another?

If you lined your services or products up with everyone else’s – how would they rate?  And why would a buyer choose you?  Do you stand out?

What are others saying about you?  Are they advocates?  And what will my experience feel like as I research you and your products?

How easy is it to find you?  And how easy is it to do business with you?  And when I do, will I be an advocate?  Will my experience align with what you assert you will do?  Will your product do what you say it will do?  And if it doesn’t, what then?  Will you listen, engage, connect?

And what will happen post sale?  Will you continue to connect, to nurture me?  And what if you asked me what type of buttons I will need in the future?

After all, I may buy again AND I may share my awesome experience with my many followers and fans!  And you will thank me and make more buttons!

Let's get connected: