Business Fitness Assessment

How Fit is Your Business

We have the formulae for winning in business and in life – and it starts with getting business fit!


An energetic Fit Business is far better positioned to grow, innovate and take advantage of opportunities.

Our BUSINESS FITNESS ASSESSMENT has been designed to find out how fit your business actually is now.

There is no better time to get super fit.


    • Receive a Fitness Rating out of 100, based on your responses

    • Takes around 10 mins to complete

    • Premium BUSINESS FITNESS ASSESSMENT - Rating + Comprehensive Report

    • Receive a Fitness Rating out of 100, based on your responses PLUS an instant comprehensive Fitness Report, full of valuable, practical insights and strategies to improve the fitness of your business

    • Takes around 10 mins to complete

Please note, the Premium BUSINESS FITNESS ASSESSMENT provides your Fitness Report instantly.

If having received your rating (via the Free version), you may choose to upgrade to the Premium version in order to receive a Fitness Report.  In this case your report will be issued within 3 business days.

Alternatively, if you would like to receive your report immediately then simply go through the process of answering the questions again – it only takes around 10 minutes.

What Others Say

After completing the Opening Gates Premium Business Fitness Assessment I had mixed emotions on where our business was positioned.  When we work with clients we always kick off with a clear vision, strategy and plan before execution, yet in our ten years in business and close to forty in life, we have had no plan or strategy for ourselves, I can’t imagine where our business would be today if we had actioned this invaluable report sooner.

 ~ Jai Evans, CoCreate Communications.