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Design and build a more powerful business which works for you and enables your desired lifestyle


More profitable


More saleable


More relevant


More attractive


More enjoyable


More sustainable


  • I can see myself being in this business longer than I hoped to be
  • I’m not making the profit I need
  • Being in business is not what I expected it to be
  • The business consumes me 24/7
  • Life? What life?
  • My business is totally reliant on me being there
  • I just can’t get good people
  • I know when I want to retire but I think it is unlikely
  • My business is my super, but I’m worried
  • Work life balance is not the reality of business
  • Don’t have a life plan let alone a wealth plan

How many resonate with you?  Do you have a package deal?


  • Work longer and harder
  • Spend more money on marketing – I need to increase sales, any sale is a good sale
  • Let more people go – I can’t afford to keep them
  • Borrow again – it will get better eventually
  • Just suck it up – this is part of being in business
  • When things improve I will get some help
  • Walk away from this world of busyness

The solution

Attend a Business by Design Workshop

This workshop includes a unique process which measures the business’ capacity to deliver the outcomes required for you to achieve your life goals.  It turns traditional business strategising on its head and focuses on the business as one tool (albeit a significant tool) in your toolbox for life.  We treat profit as an enabler as opposed to a result.

Participants are encouraged to have real clarity around where they are now and where they would like to be in life and then, by design, in business.  Life first, business second.  This in itself is incredibly powerful – this way decisions made will be based on the future rather than the past – and designed to produce an outcome congruent with that vision.

We consider life, wealth, business, growth, people, and marketing strategies – all of which layer and support each other.  We identify the critical foundations of business.  We examine leadership, teamwork, innovation, productivity and more.  We look at what it takes to increase sales and to manage cash flow.

You will walk away with knowledge, tools and actions which will build an even better business which is even more relevant to your life plan.

You will have renewed passion for your business because you’ll have reconnected with your purpose and why you do what you do.  This translates to participation – the desire to take focused action, to make the right things happen.

Our process

The process we work through and the tools and strategies you take away are designed to enable you to:

  • Build a more profitable, more sustainable business that is designed to support your desired life plan
  • Assess your life – decide what is working what isn’t – what needs to change & how
  • Decide what you want your life to look like going forward
  • Learn how to build a wealth plan to support your life plan
  • Assess how fit your business is now – address planning, leadership, team, innovation, growth, cash flow, and much more
  • Decide what your business needs to look like to fund the wealth plan which in turn funds your life plan
  • Take away actions, strategies and a new level of energy – and you will have our support – exactly what you need to follow through.

Workshop overview

The BUSINESS by DESIGN workshops range from 3 hours in duration to a full day, and using our gates analogy, we take you through the following steps:

Gate 1: The first decision point – decide to have an open mind, to consider a different way to do business and to live, to become more aware of what needs to change and to be willing to change.

Gate 2: Assess where you are now in life and decide where you would like to be – what a life well lived looks like to you.  We provide a comprehensive evaluation process.

Gate 3: Assess where your business is now.  With your life plan in mind, examine the critical foundations of the business and begin to design a business which will serve your life.  Decide what needs to change, what needs to be upgraded.  Consider planning, leadership, teamwork, growth, wealth and much more.

Gate 4: Decide to Act.  Decisions x Actions = Results.  Knowing why you are making these changes and what will keep you on purpose.  You will prioritise actions.

We take you through a unique step by step process, providing the concepts, tools and information you will need to design a really powerful business that serves your life – the ultimate win – win.

You will have the keys to make even better decisions in business and life, to enable you to open the gates to new opportunities and new possibilities with confidence and clarity.

Upcoming business by design workshops

Group or One-on-One Solutions

This unique full day group workshop, contains the tools and strategies to design and build a more powerful business which works for and your desired lifestyle.

To ensure that maximum value is offered, this workshop is limited to 20 people, so don’t miss out – secure your place today!

  • $
  • New Dates Coming
  • Sydney CBD Location
  • Full Day Workshop facilitated by one of Australia’s leading entreprenuers and business strategists, Judy Reynolds
  • Limited to 20 participants
  • Morning & Afternoon Tea

This unique two day one-on-one workshop, contains the tools and strategies to design and build a more powerful business which works for and your desired lifestyle.

To provide the maximum value, the workshop is tailored for you and your business’ requirements.

  • $
  • New Dates Coming
  • At a location convenient to you
  • Two Day Workshop facilitated by one of Australia’s leading entreprenuers and business strategists, Judy Reynolds
  • One-on-One – tailored to your requirements

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What others say

Judy Reynolds, one year ago you changed my life so dramatically, gave me direction, helped me understand the value of being “Me”, shared things that gave me goosebumps, brought me to tears but most importantly, gave me a Vision of my future, something I have never known before. I read these affirmations and always think of you, you gave me a gift I can never say enough thanks for but please know I am truly grateful for your guidance and honestly Judy I can’t wait to begin the next chapter but for now I’m enjoying this enabler that has had many lessons also!

C. Wharerau

I’ve learned a lot during the past two days. Some of which I knew of, but didn’t have the tools to apply to my life. I truly believe that I took value from every section of the workshop

C. Smith, Manager

Incredible life changing content. Immense value – information which will impact on all areas of my life

A. Larose, Business Owner

BUSINESS by DESIGN opened my eyes to where I am in life with the balance too far towards business

S. Bassett, Business Owner

Excellent – energised and enthusiastic – Knowledgeable and speaking from experience which goes a long way

M. Morgan, Lawyer

The Program really got me thinking. It helped me work out my weak spots and where I need to take action

S. Papas, Lawyer

I have never received such powerful information. It blew my mind. Incredibly inspiring

C. Wharerau, Participant

This experience has made me realised that I do have the power and ability to be anything I want to be, to change my thought process and live the life I want.

L. McAdam, Participant

Absolute genius in structure, organisation and execution

C. Coutts, Business Owner

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